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Harry Rockafella started working in the tobacco industry at a very young age.  

As a child his hands were soil-laden as he happily poured his heart and soul into his work in his

family's tobacco fields. From then forward, his passion has always been in the tobacco industry.

Graduating into an adult he has continued his dream and soul's calling to producing premium

tobacco for all to enjoy. He prides himself on a great product. Cigars are not just a job or an income;

the soil of the of the fields are in his blood, the plants root into his heart and the finished product is his

joy and celebration of his lifestyle that he passionately shares with the world.

is the home of


Empire Line

Pink Flamingo 22


Harry Rockafella

2015 Limited Edition

Extensively Aged, Box-Pressed Camaroon. Only 500 boxes released


Wrapper: ecuadorian camaroon, aged 7 years before rolling to ensure the highest quality and flavor

Binder & Filler: blend of aged dominican tobaccos


After the rolling process this cigar was aged for another 5 years.

Totaling 12 years aged.



The Story behind this cigar:

Also Made by Harry Rockafella:

During a personal celebration of the move to a larger factory, Harry presented

William Ventura and his son Henderson with a bottle of champagne.

With gratitude, William left the room, only to return with cigars that would

compliment the champagne and the occasion.


As the group lit up the cigar, the flavors and aromas whirled through the room.

With each puff, the flavor enhanced and surprised. It was unlike anything Harry

had ever experienced in his life.


As Harry asked William about the cigar, William kindly explained:


        He had worked on this cigar for years. He had put an extended amount of focus on the wrapper. When this Ecuadorian Camaroon wrapper came into William's possesion, he thought it was a great leaf and wanted to get the full potential of what this wrapper could offer to a cigar blend. He had put it into aging and three years later, put a few blends together but he kept feeling like it was just missing something.  Not being able to settle for a moderate blend, William put it back into aging and forgot about it.


       After a full 7 years had passed he came across it again and decided to give the blend another shot. This time he was able to blend some other fine and aged tobaccos and worked it all perfectly together.


        However, for anyone that knows Mr. William Ventura, he always wants to push the envelope and get the best out of everything the tobacco has to offer. He decided to go even a step further and box-press the blend. After the whole process was complete he tried one, and loved it so much, that he decided to keep it for himself.


       These cigars sat in William's personal humidor for 5 years, reserved for only the most special occasions, Until recently.

Out of the love they have for each other, and Harry's insistance, William allotted Harry a small amount of the cigars, so that he could share them with the world. Harry wanted everyone to have the opportunity to taste the outcome of love, passion, hardwork and patience. 


Harry has explained:

             "This cigar, for me, is not only about bringing what I believe to be one of the best cigars on the market, but it is about sharing with the world a celebration. A celebration of William, of this man who is a mastermind in the industry, who is family to me. A celebration of Henderson, who is a brother to me, and all the hard work he has put in. It is a celebration of success and moving forward in the industry, but is also a celebration of the camaraderie that the cigar world offers, whether you are a manufacturer or a smoker. This cigar has so much flavor, an average smoker may not even understand the complexities, but should have the ability to experience it none-the-less. For the aficionado, this is the kind of cigar they search for. One that can take their palate on a journey. One that offers the flavors that all smokers are constantly searching for. A cigar that sets itself apart of the rest. It is everything anyone can ever ask for and it is a part of our Empire. This is only the beginning of what we have to offer the industry."

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